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Black in White

OK so…
Picture a neck and it’s attached to a rope
All the strands and fibers are the opposite of hope.
The knot is compassion, no matter how it seems because I threw my whole life at it and I’ll pay double to breathe.
Beams of pressure, relative to the mass of my weight under the stature of my stress.
Never thought I’d be aloft on a rope with Depression bouncing on my shoulders like a crazy 3 yr-old, thighs locked around my throat.
He gloats and the smell of a** at the back of my neck is revolting.
Tears fall out the pockets of my soul onto my cheeks.
Fear waves anxiously at me from a neighboring tree.
I kick, I kick, I swim…
Trying to displace enough air to lift my future out of this noose.
My hands go stiff, pre embalmed no more blood to claw at the hemp strands. They sink into my respiratory… my pulmonary, my spirituality and stop.

My tears subside and the viewing smiles lose their place in convulsions.
Pale faces, same faces that made aged faces sing amazing graces because of disgraces and segregated races boy I bet you wouldn’t wanna trade places!
This tree, almost companion less now knows me best and all of my carbon traces.
My pupils black and filled with death, face drained of light, left in fright, world once greens and reds and beautiful blues of all vertical shades and horizontal hues is only; white…

But it was born black?

***This is a direct response to the countless lives altered by the perpetuated hate of race or religion. #coexist ***


The Team

“Pen this!”

Ink says to Pen as if his apprentice

Lend me this…

“Your ears, eyes, minds;” says this all-american heartthrob.

Spangler banner starring green fury like Bruce Banner.

It’s the significance of the experience, one that spells freedom, independence and individuality.
It’s ok to be unique and even so a part of a team.

The team that:

Risks everything for the lot. The team that died fighting raging wildfires to protect your living space, the team that engaged the other side of the Mason-Dixon to entertain an idea unimaginable, the team that loves, the team pursuing happiness…

Redemption Psalm

Lets the celestial essentials fall to the mid-earths potential,
and center the centre for instrumental intentions,
fold this 2-dimensional story something 4 dimensions,
lyrically unleash the beast within the central like Power Rangers gone psycho-mental,
up the sparatic spirituality to an initiation stage,
of pedophile possessive mention to honorable haze,
color that something purple and incarcerate carbonated air mixed with THC toxins as a blaze,
kryptonite the herbalism behind the Marley’s phrase,
and emancipate your slave-likeness like the evident in evidence shows we still within slavery days…

I’m not preaching just asking

I’m on some numerical tongue-twisting destination teleporting to what society’s missing,
and all I can seem to find is parallel lines to elevate this mind above while its her I’m stoplight kissing,
wrist switching the pen projectile across the universe like immortal sendiments volcanically drifting…

Stab forks in what appears to be forked tongues, whether old or young, makes no difference to my mission,
then we elaborate on this uncertain illuminated position
only cause money got us in this costly and cozy position,
and the inner inhibitions that vocalize the aspirations collapsing behind the human eye, ain’t nothing but a whispering superstition,

OFF the ventriloquist for puppetering the masses like what my nations’ hands do,
and you !!! ain’t nothing but a thread less screw,
empty at the insides like files without papyrus dew,
chew this titanium mix of elements down the digestional walk through,

but I’ll talk through this Excalibur imitated sword that disrespects,
the sovereign necks of iniquitous men,
and then, the only result is what visionaries to the nations missionaries as godly gems,
when???? since has men
becometh such vain animals,
mammals with no veins just arteries flourishing with the same materialistic sane,
flushing the righteous embodiment of what lays under Zion’s tents down the system’s systematic satanic drains!!

The search for sunlight is a codename for the derrogative claim that all humans weren’t created the same,

I’m still not preaching just asking

…So then, why do they dress code their religion as ours or something same,
insane, and you join arms with and believe this evil empowerment of Lucifer’s name,
for that mint toxin paper, tuxedo dawned in green ink, just as well as murder your own biologicals for its touch with fame,

SHAME!!! you motherf……………. ought to know that bullets and mass miniature weapons of the same does stain,
the skins of man’s whim and even burn the edges of the very soul….

YOU’ve seen it before the post exactness that takes place after man’s been parasitically exposed to gold,
some die slow and others die fast and whole,
might as well bury the lifestyle of the poor in a sterilized hole,
because we seem to be to povert to enjoy much more than even the common cold.

I’m still not preaching just asking

…Seems that I strive to hard to buy shoes that neglect their own soles,
so shouldn’t it resemble the actions of a man working to hard neglecting the joy of his soul,


I know mamas’ succeeded at their careers of truly uplifting and getting us here,
but i guess the environment ain’t so spacious enough for us to peacefully interact here,
as simple organisms, with the higher reasonment to reason,
you would think that we learned something other than competitive breeding,
but yet a plant’s agenda comes across to me as much more revealing…. AS LIVING LIFE RIGHT,
I bet you ain’t never seen a leaf fight,
but man isn’t that bright,
well let me mix motions with emotions.

It’s just some man’s dream of motivation,
the distribution of lusting commotion,
and that with homicides the tides of accepting life’s upper thigh-line as a high life!!!!
But they take my herbalism and punish the whole of it like cannibalism,
when their cannibalistic selves only want to reflect fractions of themself on everyone else,
I know you feel this like a Police man who knows not his top boss, but that his check provides life, liberty and wealth.

Well my distant cousin whatever happened to jurisdiction and health,
seems like the badge is much more powerful and yet you slap it on any imbecile seeking a charged up belt.

F…. the inconsiderate and the considerate is left out in the lava pool to melt!!!!
if you haven’t understood the over-standing of why this poetical vibe be outstanding,
its cause it represents the inner exaction of what man once used to represent,
and if you consider bible chapters in existence something seems to be missing from the text and its evident,

Why so strangely certain verses keep repeating their sense,
reproducing through the pages like a horny sentence,
so I hereby sentence your mind on a mission to find the facts behind the symbolism on the dollar and cent!

Corporate Pollution


“Big Industry” who the fuck said you can sit on your genuine leather seats, enjoying that new car scent, sipping premium lattes while silently shitting in our lakes.
What the fuck makes,
you so great!?

Real Rolex wristwatches don’t come in fake…
How dare you put your dollar on such a high pedestal to make you think yours is bigger than mines,
I bank a different rich, one not vested heavily in material things; clothing and jewelry lines.
Your skin could never be thicker than mines, and last time I check we bled the same hues too,
If you would and the powers that be permitted it you could ask my role model Langston Hughes too.

10, 10-foot diameter pipes distributing the likes of substances yellowish-white or greenish-brown and vomit-red like,
Inhabitants of the habitation facing the dilution of your pollution are all dying; memoirs of execution.

Is the price of oil, gold and coal interchangeable with the soul???

It’s always insignificant until the significance blesses your doorstep,
The same ecosystems you genocide with chemical cocktails and fruit garnish disguised as pesticides and lubricants, flammable ingredients…
Will soon be the source leakage contaminating your children’s children tap water; on-demand sewage.
Laugh now, collect next, die later;
There is no generations after the seeds of X if this plethora of hazmat doesn’t subside now rather than later.

I see industrial Camels on the horizon and they stand equally tall like the towers of modern day South Bells, Vodafones, Verizons…
Blowing pure-grade ozone killer into the stratosphere, cause and effect affects the tainted rains supposedly blessing our troposphere.
Plants and minds alike can’t find the sustaining nourishment alike.
Our only restitution is the pseudo-compensations: mobile phones, tablets, inefficient transportation, reality tv… distractions from the incoming attraction; corporate wasteland Earth.
The entertained and speechless audience:


****Photo credit to:

Black; His Story


It’s Black History Month 2013…still!

Still racism survives beyond civil rights lives and Jim Crow segregation lines,
I would say be realistic and lift your blinds but you know as well as I do that these are still the times.
Crosses and flags still burn on both sides of the Mason Dickson Line.

Klan members still sport custom sheets so they can blend in well with all the niggers they greet,
Southern Comfort Inn, rest at ease with a clean noose and a trampoline.
Black swan babies bathed in gasoline, a Hitler for our new world, genocide Jews after fresh brews and cigs tipped in kerosene.
I’m in it for the equality, same blood we always bleed… and we can stop airing the Roots movie cause Martin still ain’t got the dream.
Though every February since I was born we claim it’s better,
If so we wouldn’t need hoodies for Trayvon or cardigans to hide the ash in Wall Street weather.

Dear Shine,

I promise to polish what’s black an even darker pigment,
Figment play malignant right after the indent.
No matter what the world say we took part in the invent,
Sphinx lost its nose now even history is a perpetrator in the intent,
And one white Christian bomber in Oklahoma doesn’t define the whole lot…
So how the fuck one black man spoil the whole pot?!!

…You expect me to be content…

Stop subjecting me to the controls of excitement specimen type paraphernalia,
Stop enlisting contradicting peer lookalikes to push to me propaganda,
Information warfare, new age Uganda…

I love the unconstitutional whites, that don’t base black on what base-heads lack,
Comes out and shows mad love from the heart,
Unconditional love never lacks,
Reincarnated Bob’s and Lazarus like Haile’s.
I’m so glad we can be positive to each other, reach each other and give love back.

I took a course of action in naming this Black History, “Black; His Story…”
Cause it shouldn’t be a month long and it ain’t all about us.
If you haven’t figured that out yet then that explains what lacks in all of us.

Obvious things shift to clear when we’re safe behind familiar walls,
Black people aren’t the worst niggers any more now we hate the Mexicans the way the racist whites hated us, so what does that make us???

***Photo credit to: ***


Bitch bad…
Only because Lupe said so though and that’s sad.


It should have never took Lupe to say that the “beautiful independent type choosing honor” is the bad bitch before you noticed she was beyond average.

On my ave she’s “have-hers rich!”
Got her own logic, mind farther away than Saturn’s whip,
Busted dudes will call her bitch but that’s only because they can’t have her whipped…
And that’s with them or with cream.

See with society, it’s all dream,
Yet imagination is frowned upon.
That’s because they define what you should call self-esteem,
And the rest is left for you to think up on.

Only you do no deciphering, of life’s pipe-peering,
You just accept all offerings, dodos and red herrings,
Staring into the matrix (made-tricks) surrendering all power steering.

Darling them heels and the feel of your zeal shouldn’t only be fixed on fresh sex appeal,
And them eyes and those thighs sweet thang shouldn’t seldom find themselves all skinned back; you know like orange peels.
You can earn yourself a meal, short of prostitution ordeals,
Put some tuition on a nigga at least make him pay for parking fees!

Jeez use your God blessed intelligence,
And if you don’t believe substitute faith with common sense,
MSN Money isn’t all about the cents,
Center perspective on the win and you’ll win with more than scents.

It’s imperative you show the world your very heritage,
Bad Bitch on every planet and I don’t mean derogative,
IQ beast, derivative and talented, well accomplished you’re a symbol for the entire feminine.
Slap lame dudes for hokey-pokey comparatives, bitch dudes should be better equipped with complementary adjectives.
Moms raise wiser than these futile excuses for men…
And then this is the shit we get stuck with for Lent?!

Savage, lady. Still more impressive than the male baggage babies,
If he insists that you’re a bitch never have his baby,
It’s high time we stop giving reign to avoidable bastards, allowing the rule of irresponsible mites to regress all this progress,
It’s never the fault of the child, I’d be cold for assuming such,
I’m talking about the random cowards on the prowess some of you women allow to fuck…
Bum Bobs, you hope to change in all failed attempts and when the feed drops they’re always out of range!!!!

Make smarter decisions and less exceptions with your future endeavors,
And maybe just maybe, some of you won’t have to be the mom and the fill-in for part-time Trevor,
Barely surviving on mediocre government assistance….
Be clever!

With all due respect, no cliche you all deserve better,
So for every Bad Bitch… Take a stand for something better,
I know a much better word and W is the first letter!

What Do You Stand For

I wish it were as simple as the entirety of the majority of our society makes it seem…
Like me standing, stranded, looking all confident and feeling all outlandish is really the epitome of the this American dream.

My vote counts?!!??

Fuck a vote!!

How about I place my gambles in the bowels of more important shit like hope:
I hope the future is for the youth; I hope my neighbor will love me like a brother; I hope my brother will remain as my keeper; I hope my Lord is watching over me and I hope this country never again goes to war.

In the mist of me tallying the piles of hopes I’ve realized that I can not wear the noose, the vote.

I saw you vote yesterday America and unemployment still rose,
And after you’ve voted friends of mines will still remain deployed overseas.
Even when the ballots have been cast, and the new would be savior substitutes the last by finding a comfy position on his ass, with your tax cash…
I realize that all this hype, campaigning and lobbying has nothing to do with the average American citizen.

So cooking up my realism with two spatulas it dawned on me…
If you aren’t that person voting for every single politically important position; senator, governor, mayor, representative and more.
You can choke on your words for me! I don’t go around convincing people not to vote so let’s not pull reversal rehearsals.

Telling me I must vote reminds me of when  they told pregnant women what to do with their babies or gays that they are abominations or women that they can’t vote… How ironic…

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What Do You Stand For: (Intro to series)

Hi All,

I am experimenting with an anthology of poems called “What Do You Stand For” which is basically an inspirational, educational and uplifting series of prose. The root of this concept.stems down to what we as individuals can do as a whole positively and how do we negatively affect the same situations we claim to dislike. I hope you enjoy it. Here is the intro piece.


Fahdah Away


It changes you from within, this technology war.
I seldom must have the fastest, the strongest, the best…

Phones that do more than my computer can.
Conversations overly saturated about droids replacing man,
So much for us becoming enlightened; we’d rather make bots brainy.
Acid rain clouds keep the Harvard statue covered; its no longer good to be rainy.
Pollution produces rivers in abundance and in developing countries its bath water applications.

Even they think its cool as long as they know mac book quick keys, they desert the desert and come to America in lieu of snorting quick keys.
Maserati drivers from street car pushers.
All because the invention of the next big app.
This thing changed you because I swore I heard you say if you ever got rich…

If you ever got rich, your first fix would be this river’s cleanliness,
word on the web is you’ve earned a Guinness record you bought the first black diamond solar powered Rolex with a 4g lte connection to the master clocks at Greenwich.
15 million dollars…

It could buy you a new life and it did but I thought you wanted to change lives; the latter and point is plural kid.

Old man Walker

Old man Walker was of a different breed.

He came from the lineage of men who had both parents and the undying support of an entire family.

Kids nowadays can’t understand why he wears all these medals; “Mr. Vietnam Veteran.”

Old man Walker, was of a alternate stature,
He came up during a time where it was cool to be good, everyone feared the wrath of God and the impending rapture.

Kids nowadays don’t grasp the entire concept of religion, too very concerned and saturated with materialism.

Old man Walker, was really a loved man,
Stood up for what he believed in and gaved his last dollar,
Always dawned his military insignia on his shirt chests and collars.
Inspired change from the opposite end of the totem and passionately he never voted.
Blamed the people for the nation’s shortcomings and raved about how we are the future and the kids are the hope!
He challenged the reps, the senators and mayors,
ate with the homeless and conversed with other religions in several layers… of understanding.

Old man Walker, if he ran for president I’d vote my ass off,
Not because the current candidates aren’t worth it or because the president doesn’t deserve it…
But because Old man Walker believed that we the people…

…We the people,
the people of this great nation should take responsibility of all the ills and perils that we’ve created.



Huddle for the puddles that thwart the kids playing in the middle of the drizzle.
Location of appropriation; like you should be standing here, on this corner; apart of this nation.

Drunken beings stumble amongst the fore-drop of this regime,
In the hue of hi-beams, hookers glorify the stoplight scene;

Dope boys run the premises, hustling herbs and crack from building structures’ crevices and cracks.
The nemesis is this:
The cops, the outsiders, the activists, the rich and any one not fit to enjoy the scenic view,
We bid you adieu.

40 ounces still substitute for sprinklers any time of day,
In celebration of the fallen, the incarcerated and the forgotten if we may,
Hood theme music beats the best backdrop to say the least… Anything violent so these lil’ youngins can sing along to,
Shit; they know them whole songs too!

We initiated this quarter-mile of concrete as the flagship of operations,
Base heads still boom the floor, dropping it like its hot.
We call that shit product concentration.

Good vibes, even the youth play with used viles,
Recycling the concept of what brings in real money,
Not 9-5’s working retail or textiles,
pistol and dope pays the bills, 9’s and fives,
And see me in person about the work if you need it, you know them laws be tapping text files, phone talks, line verbage, emails and emoticon smiles.

Profiling, but everyone seems to be doing their jobs.
What ever expectations be expected for the butter to the kernels on the cobs.

Speed bumps; cheaper alternatives to spike strips for these speeding fiends,
Caged surveillance, on siege riding apartment tops,
stones kiss them and leave, provided we acquire that spot, like capture the flag.
Pseudo-excitement like the momentary life of drags,
Timezone in between the limelight and the reality drags.
No one really wants a rainbow in the hood unless its all good,
Some brothers on the low down shrugging like nobody talks… We keep it hood.

Even though we’re simple minded we prefer the realism of you maintaining the preface,
Atleast we know what you stand for without the urge to deface,
replace soldiers and goons? Never we were pre-placed on the block like arms on the clock to be chased…

***Original picture credits go to The Wire original television series

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