Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Rewrite Love


You still want those letters I used to close with unparalleled love, the stuff 2Pac called “Unconditional.”
I don’t write you like I used to, the concept of romance has become quite conditional.
Fuck all those poetry cliches about roses, chocolates and long ass words that contain more syllables than metaphysical.
I wanna woo you again, tun up the pum pum with phrases and reaffirm your belief in love something spiritual.

So, I’m writing to you on some “dear love of my life” type shit,
Using bold face fonts to express intensity when I type shit.
I’m going to underline every promise and oath I make in this poetical decree.
So you can reread it as a reminder to remind yourself that “he loves me.

We spend our whole lives looking for someone worthy enough to spend our meaningless lives with, in the craziest pursuit to make it mean anything.
A journey unlike any of the experiences we encounter, unable to rewrite or retry many things.
Awakening along the path to find that in time we were never worthy of loving until we loved ourselves and our history.

I only wanna learn to love you and uncover my lineage.
Be the highlight of your meaningless journey, it would truly be an honor.
I watch you sleep and ponder the fantasy of how beautiful it would be if we couldn’t really age.
Because the preconception of losing you is a burden, a horror, mortal trauma, rape to a slave.

Dear July Love,

I hope our ancestors were right about resurrection and pyramid burials weren’t all in vain. They say slaves didn’t tote those ton blocks, a community constructed those grails. I wanna rewrite our California love, and tell a version that draws more tears than the Montague-Capulet story. I wanna immortalized our matrimony on oak sleeves.

With love,
Your Pharaoh

*** Photo credits due to: UNL’s+Jewell+co-edits+first+book+to+reveal+Willa+Cather’s+private+letters


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