Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Conscious and Awareness


To be creative is as to be a psychopath.
Cognitively or unconsciously germinating fluorescent fruits, molding their nutrition into serving carafes.
Fine things always need room to breathe.

Long neck drunkards should be seated, staggering barley by the pint barely
past the point of sober giraffes.
It’s only a perspective for the inquisitive minds.
Ink-with-histamines; life text.
Wooden planks come as one with concrete and barnacles; family.
An even better phrase for success is taking advantage of the divisions within the opportunity.
Opportunist communities lynch mob loved ones like communist authority.

Assignment of beauty, cups filled approximately to their 50% markers. Admire the other side, the grass is always greener,
The sands are much softer, waves break then crash gently and the water, much cleaner.

But what lays await at the end?
Freedom, friends?
Mystery lends undergarments to eerie occurrences.
The currents currently undertaking that far out.
Can you trust the floorboards to hold you that far out?
Ancient trees dead a long time… doing hard time, withstanding those barnacles and constant criticism.

Bite sized sea devils doing their damnedest to hold strong between tides and the casual empty aquafina,
Resident seaweed waving in the sway like crowds at the FIFA arenas.

The Sun weighs in as head official from his box seat to cast order and opinion and inspite of all the awe you inspire;
There is one more superior than you…
The consciously aware you.

****Picture Title: Dromana Pier Bush Fire
Obtained from Flipboard Matt Elliot 500


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Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.


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