Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

The 50

Ahhh, I’ve been around the whole world in my mind set.
Tripping to places skilled climbers couldn’t vision on their mind treks.
Some lands cry Jesus, others say witch, home land security says bitch and humble still can be serene like 9 million 900 thousand 99 monk steps.
Yelling Apache at the red dot until my vocal line’s strep.
I bet, in 50s that in the 50s, at least 50 columnists plagiarized the work of the Mayans as that of the colonists now take 50….

Bet their offspring sprung the same plagiarism in headlines during the Harlem Renaissance.

Spitting shit on your history smearing it in disgrace and covers,
Devil and reverse architect, hand in hand matrimonial lovers.
Decimated your history and made it his-story; cover.
Hung generations of every auto-generated culture in the name of…
Ssshhhh in vain.
Promptly between 10-4 constable gather the people in the market square.

Bodies of the redman slain for some land,
Torsos of the yellowman scattered on some land,
Necks of the blackman stretched between some lands; on a noose some hang,
Exhausted the brownman and fenced them outside of their lands,
Reverse psychology makes them the immigrants to their land.
Minds of the whiteman lobotomized for land, liberty and material pursuit.
No blue outside the corona and Jews meet liquidation in concentration camps; dead lands and horrendous aromas.

Breathe f*ck** breathe and then take 50.
Impregnated by the beast, dilution after 50,
Seeds bloom by doom gloom, dead by 50,
Years of age and crack, self, cops, current situations, kill all 50.
Niggers, wetbacks, spicks, towelheads, chinks and the other 50,
Mixed up mixed breed dogs forget how to academically work with 50.
Can’t add…. there’s an app for that, can’t read there’s an app for that, can’t spell T9 autocorrect in every app for that, can’t plot, can’t chart… so lost where’s the stars at…? Wtf is the app for that?!

Severance of man from land like thoughts from gland or wrist from hand… blood pools thicker than asphalt in all that black.
This isn’t about race, that’s a lie, this is a race.
To divide the races into 1st and last place.
It was never to a finish… line
Destined to be about the diminish line.
3rd cousin to Sir Poverty Line.
The monkeys we “came” from are slated to the inheritance of the earth we earned by birthright inheritance.
After all the nukes drop, gun pops, chipped brains circuit shock, melanin punches clocks, bath salts and crack rocks…



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One thought on “The 50

  1. Anonymous on said:

    keep em coming bro

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