Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

The Incapability

And I open with a question:

“Will we ever receive the love we seek and are we even capable of returning it?”

If you asked me I’d say a long list of no’s…
Better equipped to be children-less fathers and hoes.
Dishonorable daughters and Doe’s.
My fetishes for shoes might be the same love that blesses that tag with my toes.

Utterly incapable of togetherness and reason… Humane functions,
All this calculus and trig and still can’t figure the humane functions.
I hear love used to be straightaways before it became junctions.
Adjunct to junk, and now just conjoined with ritzy conjunctions.

In caps… WE INCAPACITATE the delicate capacities known as sensory emotional capillaries capable of clustering conglomerate cavities of romance by stifling chivalry with modern day deficiencies.

I.e. man knows no mother and father equivalency unless solving for x in algebra where a, b and c’s only value has always been mommy.
Carrying the undefined to one side isn’t one sided it’s a process called product of two minus one.
Incapable of solutions when the remainder of the formula is only pollution minus one.
Zero can’t raise a man neither can numbers bare women unless reversing that statement.
Resulting in women baring bastard numbers… end result remains zero.
Zero fathers, zero capable sons, zero practical parental relationships, zero whole children, zero couples, zero progress, and zero.

Zero is incapable of amounting to anything more than an incapability.


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