Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

La Coupla (The Couplet)


We’re pinching time molecules between the cotton fibers woven within our fabrics.
Bricking resistance, simultaneously fusing emotional tubes to tunes grooving smooth like greased wheels… Love mechanics.

1 & 1

She’s for me a human electrode,
Exciting every neural pathway, every nerve node.

World, we come as a bundle prepared to be Existence’s rumble pak. Tune in!!!
No fumble, quite confident, torqued tourniquet tight with just enough room for a humble interlude gap, you should tune in!!!

Slicker than curls, curled expertly by expert salons lodged in a saloon’s kiln.
Slower than the sweat beads bowling down the epidermal lanes of Neo’s Matrix face during the Reloaded film!

Your Good God created a semi-indestructible vessel called marriage,
We eloped there, across the horizon from pyramids, jumping a new age broomstick left slumbering beneath the burning carriage.

I don’t usually conform to the form of rhyming in couplets when coupling cufflinks with bride gowns and tux sets,
I’d much rather cuff her and color heart red in tungsten, emerald or ruby rustic.
Deeming wedding silks equivalent to sweet potato plaids and old flannel acoustics!

Levi’s jeans creased with puppy love memories,
Fresh folded phrases, “like notes” we exchange these.

The trick is solving the calculus behind life long love, servitude and Tupperware box sets…

(2x+12-8) / (2-x) = La Couplet

***Special thanks to the Mr and Mrs Robison for providing me with a great photo to wrap reciprocating words around***


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