Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Time Sensitive Love

To the rescue…!
I’m one in love with Miss President of Precedence; okay maybe times two!
She’s deserving or better yet worth the preserving.
I’m in the habit of understating my preferences, to misguide you.
To align you within line of suspense, forehead precipitation, remind you…
I wade waters well, even wells in effort to divide all concepts concerning.


I disguise too… by starting every couple of couplets with “I’s” too!
Eyes on her, I’m on her… arm slung around shoulder grasp wrapped around waist,
Delicate touches take time to scavenge complacency and avoid taking time to a waste.
It’s true what they say about opposites and polarity makes it so much easier to find you!

Palms do like the Bump app and high five!

I’m on time if you’re in time, why not pour pure elixirs, you know liquors instead of this lil’ Coors,
Sit back into that feeling of inner tips, kiss so damn deep gums touch like inner lips,
I’ve got room in my sunshine that we can halo under.

Under the undergarments erupts a cocoon space trumpeting the pretty lights like thunder.
Lights like slumber DIM, hiding whims and twisting limbs around uninhabitable areas… sleeves, forearms, shoulders love.

Weed, wine, Redbox love.
We used to Blockbuster love, but they closed our couples spot, so we tag team the shit out of those red kiosks hoarding movies, trading coupons, enter email @ gmail. (Dot)

Cell coms and Viacom keep us tech warm, thank God we’ll stay in all day watching SVU marathons,
You deserve beach, you deserve each,
You deserve blessings and me deserve we.

I’m a moment’s notice we’re absolutely ready to stream in full definition, this time sensitive love.


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