Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

We should be (Together)

We should be together…

So I’ll submit to you, this resume of romantic advertisements.
Trips to the Keys, archipelago of tropical continents and erotic sands coated well in spilled drinks.
Playing dress up with your tan lines and pebbling off your desperate curves to the Sublime backdrop.

We should be…

In all completeness of the conceptual fractions that equate to uniqueness.
What couldn’t we achieve in opposite techniques with???
Interrogation, inquiries and cooled glasses cradling “Sex on the Beaches.”

We should…

Time out and tap into what ever aura plays karma to kama sutra.
Suits of spades and clubs, lemonades with anesthetic ales like rums at day spas and evening clubs.
Coconut pea oils and Trojan deficient hip diving in red Supras.
Give into the herbs like fiends pay extreme tributes to drugs.


Are nothing less than an inconspicuous malevolence,
Channeling Egyptian gods of flesh and forest spirits with Spec’s spirits; your legs.
Summits and peeks, peeping over Everest’s peaks for a top like no other rush like what makes “we” unique?
>>>>> no other rush.


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