Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Love, Conqueror

I’d wreak unmentionable havoc on the very comforts of this earth to make safe your place of sanctuary, this place, your place that we displace for heaven-ness.

I’d face, any abomination of every nation, to dissuade the masses from making your flaws part off their plans to craft uncomfortable situations in circa or circum of lewdness.

I’d shovel the remains of angels into distasteful piles of shit to illustrate this, the only thing that ever truly mastered the puppet master’s strings was Love and the love of the eclipse.

I’d go to war with the armies of the world, odds in humanity’s favor, only to savour the memory of us before global industrialization became our neighbor.
And the “not-so-accepting” neighbor viewed us ill with pursed lips.

What I’m saying is, love conquers every single emotion.
A swig of devotion
Limbs previously paralyzed anxious now; appendage commotion.
Notions of chivalry designs papered on walls of the Covenant like black magic books detailing recipes of potions.
Notice oceans, filled with tears of togetherness, thicker the love splashes like waves of slaves that fear this loving-ness.
What ever if anything ever is left its bottomless.

Sincerely Yours and only Yours,
The Bottom’s Best


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6 thoughts on “Love, Conqueror

  1. I like reading what you write from this place.

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