Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Black History (Collaboration with Jahstarr Koniyah)

Fahdah Away:

Poetical accumulation of Verbs that know no subsidiarity

just jealous Adjectives that hate on progress, the adversaries

and every….

single one of them Nouns be on the band wagon shooting cheers at them,

I wonder where they found hope standing on the chairs of men?


Jahstarr Koniyah:

others infer imaginations of kingz

yet in reality no good tidingz they bring

repetitive melodyz

not their own song to sing

do no work in the game and swear they can win


Fahdah Away:

I don’t see why we offer them ears to cry on or shoulders to lean

must be the will of my father or my mother’s sincerest dream

instance would seem

as though circumstances demean

Level heads and everything we stand for…unity

A Martin King’s dream


Jahstarr Koniya:

not Martin alone fell in that zone

many tried to double his efforts

busy pacifying instead of focusin’ on home

that’s why the enemy got beds in our forts

the queens heart they attack

so now mothers teach us to slack

whatever “massa” says

don’t even answer them back

so we learn our words just to hold them back

we poets got a lot of quiet revolutionaries back


Fahdah Away:

the uprising is clearly here and it’s a shame the majority is left un-intact

even though they are quite aware of a races’ permanent tattoos from whips on backs,

even though they are quite aware of a races permanent tattoos from whips on backs…,

and it is no different than ancient men who traded their beliefs only to fall on the blades of an axe.

There is no duck tape for lyrical tongues on this,


Jahstarr Koniyah:

and i raise the black fists

be proud I’m on the black lists

for i want to receive black gifts

see the birth of more youths from black hips


Fahdah Away:

Just wailing and crying, fire and brimstone with a celestial bliss,

How can I fix my fist like Malcolm did when they only grant 28 days to do so?

I guess I got to be like a KING… an distinguished abyss


Jahstarr Koniyah:

to raise nations unafraid of blackness

black history ain’t a month

its an attitude

to limit it to 28 would be down right rude

Kwanzaa 365

meditations that help we stride

through the tides of change

for regardless of how stress try to rearrange

progress is always in range


In Loving Memory of: Jahstarr Koniyah


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