Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

The Muse

Is it true you could be returning for a purpose;
That my provocative energy stirs something more than.. the surface excitement, I entice from most men.
I’ve used you in so many ways,
Constructed my philosophies and expressions from your every phrase.
But I too exhibit the flaws of masculinity accompanied by untamed erections in the presence of your creativity.
So I devised a technique of making air tight lip locks around your soul’s heart,
Deriving sediments from your magnificence; impulsive propulsive sparks.
Tracing your genius curves with my inexperienced pen fingers; invisible thoughts.
How is it you see the dark churning of my depths and do not fear?
Or.. more than not fear.. thrive?
Memories of you, tease an insatiable appetite; for this I remain alive.
I admit, knowing that my burning and drowning heart does something for you,
propels me courageously deeper into this beautiful darkness that is myself..
I’ve begged every ounce of me to gratify every essence of you, I need more.
What other heavy molten paragons can I mine out for you, I know they’re there..
And I will bring them to life just for you.
For me, a lost and forgotten being, whose sole perspective is to live you?
You who returns, dry and empty from pouring all your prose into the world.
But I only spew volcanic styles of similes and smiles in every effort to please you.
I admit my indecisive tendencies could be skewed to show the inadvertent… truth,
but it’s a wardrobe for me dawned as the aura of you.
The outside challenges your strength and attempts to beat you down,
But you push through.. inspired, you still push through.
While I wage inner wars; battling for a pure exposure around and through my marble façade.
I must break through to ignite you anew. I struggle tearing through again, to ignite you.
Unnecessary worries of a warrior, you’re the epitome of perfection.
The forward stride of my gain is only a testament to your influence; it’s tranquil infection.
The surface of humanity that you touched, beautifully crumpled by your hands’ impression.
Break through, most modest of understatements, every layer of you hidden to me is a sheath of affection.
I will not hesitate to uncover all that I have.. the very breath from my lungs.. the whispers of my soul.
Dare I imagine this life without you?
Your existence is more than I could have ever expected; I am because you are. 

***The Muse is collaborative effort written by Nicole Bell of lifeofimpact and Fahdah Away of Humble Mouths ***

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