Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Church Walls

Drifting by the wayside I too; I too.

I too, need to sit back and find you; find you…

Used to be nose deep in the sacred text, deeper than the thrust of when apes would se_!
mere men tend to surrend to the temps, real world serves, real sin attends. No longer blessed?

I guess that’s what I gets for placing all my faith in a structure of blocks,
Filled with mere men… Competing even religously in secret they compare cocks…
Whose closer to the Lord’s wall, I wonder… I wonder, did they ever hear the Lord’s call?
Stop… dishing me sermons on platters and after hatefully bashing gays; I’m amazed.
The niggers sitting in between the church pews don’t see, don’t hear, don’t feel the similarities
to the: 1950’s, 40’s, 30’s, 20’s, 10’s >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
                                                   Virginia 1619!

To far back? Remember the Treyvons and that should be recent enough.
Remember living in Texas, Mississippi, Penn State, Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia isn’t that much of a plump old peach…
Crooked self-professed “pure hands” that got toooo much reach.
And if you’re Hispanic that metal border should be enough of a reminder at least.
Imagine a masked country yelling blasphemy at your inauguration speech.

So before I get back in line, shouting in agreeance to the Deacon or Pastor, Minister or Cardinal to preach,
I need to know that after he gets off the podium he isn’t swindling little boys at least.

I need to know that my prayers aren’t for the satisfactory of your private helicopter, fancy suits, shoes, chains and rings.
Simultaneously while your swiping the tax free card Sister Ann walked 3 miles to sing her hymns…
Bad hips, malnourished and high blood as every average: American member of your un-American church now isn’t that some saddddd shit!
Wooos and Kudos to <Religion> legion of oppression.
Point me to the suggestion box I got a mother______ suggestion!

!!!These church walls were built for certain sanctuary!!!

How about my tides tie into the ride for Sister Ann and how about you live off the land and stop living off my tribe’s tributes like a congressman because… Hey Mr. Minister these dues are taxes.
I’m educated enough to know bad comes back around but awfully to slow with noticing the disproportionate access because mother Earth is leaning on an axis.

I ask this:

Why does the bible say I shouldn’t learn alone, and how come your church is God’s only home?
If even the inconsistency and division with denominations… I’d rather stay my black ass at home.

My plea isn’t that every church is an unholy place or that every person is defined by their color;
No, I know better. I have Caucasian, Indian, Jewish, Asian, Hispanic, Latino, African and Arab brothers.
My plea is that if you hold strong to these church walls then in your heart your supposed to show mercy, never judge and be a lover.


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