Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Holy Slaughter

If Pope Innocent III had his way 3/4 of the world would be burned at the stake!!

Auto De Fe!!!

For being Indians or Jews, for being Muslim or Buddhists, for being Satanists or atheists and mostly for being gay.
The same holy water the church blessed the foreheads of the “meek” with, would be the very fuel that spools hellfire man-made on earth, this day.

Its okay, he’s been long deceased but the stigma that lives on after the Inquisition is stereotypical racism.
Religious selectivity bred in negativity sects by the select radical heretics! Sounds an awful lot like fascism.
Yelling “do God’s work” on the highest pillar, in the presence of town squares while whispering iniquitous things under their evil smiles’ into the town’s ear.

Here , here!

Look around here, all I see is frowns down here; in the barrel.
After the bleached white apparel comes off some people forgot the truth behind their quarrels.
Like the essence of love, can’t summon a sermon of hate around that.

Can’t pick and choose which scriptures are best to judge as fit to use for your amuse at the expense of another soul’s abuse, pain and ridicule.
Touting verse after verse in the context of curse after curse against thy neighbor without a pure intent of harmonic consent, you’ve only sent for resent if you critique the mote in strangers’ eyes without applying those skipped over Books that magnify and condemn your slab of oak!

Oh Judas of your own rights, even he has a lost Book but that doesn’t make betrayal right.
30 pieces of silver for bashing the ways of others’ beliefs, how the FUCK do you sleep at night?!

Maybe you don’t believe and there was never a leap of faith, you’re possibly a fake dressed in the garments of lambs perched like predator reptiles at the disposal of the lake.
Or the first of many exploring men to encounter the epitome of change on your voyage; your first charter.
On the verge of not displaying a mustard seed of mercy but rather serving a mountainous holy slaughter.

May your God have mercy on your souls…


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