Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Blogging Politics

Interestingly enough I wrote this for you.
Hoping you’d somehow read it and decide upon returning to
Well, this very place where we met of course.

I’ve structured this introductional intercourse all around the things I hoped you’d like.
My words, your free time, the increasingly ever present positive vibe, spiked
for your enticement.

On one hand there’s this beautiful relationship we have, just you and I
and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t jealous of some of my fellow bloggers. My
blog only knows you but then on the side your frequenting OM, Ish, Recidivist, Nicole and Sofagirl!!!??
I thought our thoughts were singular like no one else was involved, LIKE YOU WERE MY WORLD!?!

But is it true?? Do I really have to share agreeing parts of you too?
Ohhh! I’ll be the first to admit they’re great writers but damnnnnn I though you were mines and only mines I’m six posts away from replacing you!
You can have your Ishaiya Freshly Squeezed and your Opinionated Man!!
Your insightful Life of Impact  over on Sofagirl’s sofa with cocktails sharing tales and never having a hint of whom the Uncaught Recidivist really is. Understand,
you just made a contradiction out of me and my humble mouth, I am so tired of your charades ma’ammm…

All I wanted was for you to love me honestly, to visit me with integrity and read my posts of pain and virtue with the same sense of humility you secretly give to them.
I just wanted your likes, your inspiring and appreciative comments and your eyes to lend.
Even a few reblogs so we can attend your blog too, maybe make amends.
To my egotistical salutations endowed with perverse and sexual euphemisms; WAS THIS ALL PRETEND!!??!

I’ve campaigned sooooo hard for your attention,
I’ve did so much soul searching and employed every ounce of captivating intrapersonal flaw fixing retention
skills that I have to offer not to mention,
I have loved you back equally in every exchange of several intertwining dimensions.

I am Fahdah Away and I approve this message.

*****No offense intended to the mentioned blogs I just wanted to take time to note a few great blogs that I frequent.


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3 thoughts on “Blogging Politics

  1. Woah… you got me right in the stomach with that one! Near knocked me off my feet with your penitent words, right in the proverbial soft spot. I must remember to tread carefully next time, lest I wake the beast within you and acquire a tone of indignant blue from your humble mouth. All love affairs must end sometime, even without visible beginning, sex affairs are better, you know how things must lie or spike, or intervene before you screen. Don’t judge me, I’m just a mirror, and I might crack under the pressure of your penetrating glare. Like firing lasers at an opponent ill matched to your convictions, singing deep below the skin and marking the soul like two long razor gouges. No don’t judge me, I’m just you in d’this’guise.

    • HAha!! Nice! You know I just realized that you were saying some of your comments went to my spam box. I thought you meant it hypothetically. I know to check it now. Thats the kind of word play I need from you for that collab! Awesomeness!

      • Good you fished me out, I knew I was in your spam folder. I thought that could be something we could do, write a piece where we can bounce off each other like that. I’m not really blogging at the moment as I have important official things to deal with. As soon as I’m through it then I shall be back and we can talk collaboration again.
        Great to see you posting regularly again!

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