Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Aluminum Trees

Perceive living with all senses, even the innate ones.
It’s hard isn’t it? Because even though we’ve devised mechanisms of quarantine for the organisms we’re the inmate ones.
And with due respects to theory, we the ingrates won.
We’ve singlehandedly exterminated multiple ecosystems and species for sake of luxury; upholstery and fashion?
Degraded and derailed our perspective of passion, all for the love of ass, cash, class and guns.
Bred a brand of miniature soldiers who’d rather do drugs and hashtag than think-think or chart suns, master arts or prepare ingenious cuisines for infallible tongues.

We the people of this magnificent universe have polluted the air, the soil, sands and seas,
Masquerading daily with death, plunging holes in crevices for dwindling carbon byproducts, inciting our crosshairs on the foreheads of every tree with professional marksmanship dressed for execution accomplished by any means.
Any means necessary…
        The franchised genocide of every group of vitality.

It’s our duty to see to worldwide suicide, or at least an era that is draped with smog black skies, lithium rains, irobot wildlife, nitrogen-phosphoric seas and aluminum trees…


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4 thoughts on “Aluminum Trees

  1. Taylor Rae on said:

    Always a joy to read. Kudos!

  2. There is a lot going on inside that head of yours, good think you have this outlet!
    If only my brain was awake enough to construct such tall playing card towers from words, synonyms, and all the other grammatical stuff that broils around in my innards, like sharks waiting for a tasty morsel before they swim up for the kill, and with a crushing bite reveal a grin of linguistic perfection.

    • I find that I need to operate around block hours… Lol!
      Thanks. I’ve been reading a lot of you guys posts and they’re pretty inspiring.

      • I on the other hand have been keeping under the radar. Probably the first time in months that I haven’t blogged daily. But yes like you I often find my inspiration from reading other favourite bloggers, and there’s reading with eyes, and there’s ‘reading’ Ish-style. Keeps me and everybody else on their toes! lol

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