Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

6 Footer

When that past we worked so hard to forget, so strenuously to bury, to change…
Comes rushing back, uncaring of the impending collision like a 300lb plus thoroughbred linebacker, high on the blitz…
Everything carefully tucked in the closets, swept under the rugs and flushed down the toilet at the old apartment, 1,000 miles away…
All come creeping back like you sent these despicable horrors wedding e-vites or friend requests; made my profiles too public?

They all step into light like the day they were born there,
Dancing infront of the new neighbors like they belong here.
Over staying their welcomes, instantaneously a nuisance and all I can do around here… is welcome them with open arms.

My skeletons deserve a better reception than compulsive neglect,
Shall I throw them the welcome home party, you know pinattas, gifts or politely discard; educated reject.

The impossible logic behind their existence is troubling.
I never lied and liked it, or avoided telling to be deceptive, the tears are doubling.
Same way the years did, now I’ve got to explain all these stirrups like I’m sitting on ass back.
When I hurt the one I love how do I ask back?
For that trust we built or that…
There probably is no getting past that.

I just want it all to be the 6 feet deep 6-footer, my life is this new life let’s uninvite all these onlookers.


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3 thoughts on “6 Footer

  1. Lol, this is why I have an anonymous blog as well as my usual ones, where all my old skeletons can’t find me and I can say what I like to whom I like.
    Strong piece.”My skeletons deserve a better reception than compulsive neglect”, yeah maybe not, in my case at least, fantastic line 😉

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