Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.


Hope is a wish word, when wishing well under the song birds
life isn’t easily summed in all words

People die everyday, means of escape is escaping first in the getaway,
then we can get away.

Begging my feet please just help me leap; Kareem Abdul over the fool-
ish ways of similiar prey watching them weap

missing the tears, tearing the fabric between the bond my brother keeps.

Praying to something “I hope God I never sleep,”
praying is nothing until God answers the squeak.
All life is unique, who am I to critique?
I just know that when I pass on they’ll never speak,
my name like HIS name, comparing is weak.
Even a Jesus piece couldn’t get me on the lease,
So I don’t buy those, maybe clothes might kill the beast.
My Religion is True, hopefully my truth is peace.

These well wishers and carol singers just keep on bringing
that ounce of positivity, imagine Santa slinging,
dope out the big bag and “Dro, Dro, Dro…” was his tag.
He’d still have a ghetto holiday at least.
Saving my self is initial when love looks kind of leech,
I’m always avoiding the colors, guess I’m kinda bleach,
If the world is for the meek, then why does evil reap,
why does honesty reak, like what disposals leak?

My proposal is oval, tired of circling speech.
Save me, save love, save peace…


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