Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.


Are you into breaking up the social entirety into category commodities?
Neat little assigned spaces like airline lavatories?
Who’ll be in the “in-crowds” and who’ll be labeled as the oddities?
Oddly enough, isn’t this the current feature presentation; modern society?

Hierarchy classes divided by wealth, power and property.
Thin threads, thick as state boundaries deciding the fates between being convicted for committing federal fraud on all counts, eluding millions in taxes and doing hard time in Maui or a 2 year sentence for stealing copper off of refrigeration units as a means of funding progress, how we…

Arrive at these degrees of separation,
Isn’t it supposed to be in multiples of 6?
How we, build forts in hill tops resembling constellations,
Isn’t the universe supposed to be sort of fixed?

I only know less than Bughatti cars and 90210 zips,
Exotic mammals for supper plates and super-sized platter shifts,
Koalas, foxes; even endangered species for the minks,
Touring destinations, Paris for the Tower and Egypt for the Sphinx.
Audemars on Greenwich, to which perfect syncopation maybe should I switch?
From the Casio of all things and leave the means of lithium-ion cradled in plastic authentications.

Maybe the specifications; some people consider me less a person because the trinket components of my automobile weren’t specifically hand made.
Or because my net worth is pence worth, and my liquidable assets compared to theirs is a teaspoon of lemonade to their vats of marmalade.
They even judge the status quo, it’s stark contrast to their wonderful land of metropolitan escapades, must be where karma stays
Our dark wastelands the financial necropolis…
Lacking status.


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2 thoughts on “Status

  1. Dude!!! I’m always touched and speechless after I read your words. You surpass expectation every time.

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