Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Fetal Worries

If you dare to wear the stare of inquiring eyes, requiring answers here.
Steer in here and share the convictions, let’s divide the despair…

Use me for studies?
Lose me like a means of contraception so you can get pissy drunk again, lowered inhibitions and fuck like a girls gone wild groupie lacking a conscience, again…

Parlay all day on a Sleep Number Petri dish,
Watching my entire future flash before me; I insist you live your life because all I can hope to do is wish.

Horrible things await the horrible minds recently introduced to the destruction chair; the electric chair.
The world out there, so far yet too near, has no necessary reason to ever, ever care.
Veering into the deer lights, hoping they hit me square,
Headlights appear nice, of spotlights, you too will get your share.
Sheer luck shearing off the lifelong lifeline.

Cutting the complexity of the almighty umbilical cord in one smooth, fluid scalpel swipe, for pay and that’s it?
Somehow the chainsaw may have been a little more gorgeously graphic.

***swipe, swipe… Now that’s it.

But then again who worries about the worries of a fetus?


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