Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.


Flimsy focus,
       I refuse to use whatever nerve synapses I have left to pay attention to the soul suckers drafting life, love and happiness out of the “common man and Woman” like wind funnels leeching the skies and filtering the spoils of soil foreshadowing the wrath of tornadoes so equivalent to these resource tycoons butchering continents for all that, oil. And whose left feeling the haunting, no sickening, no grotesque pain of inflation, hiked prices and the inability to survive or succeed without my carbon-shitting transport…me!

Film focus,
             I watch, glued to the tel-lies-vision. It rectified my thoughts I thought I had some ounce if not a mustard seed of morals, one crack of oral disapproval for the natural habitats you know the wetlands, ice caps and coral, reefs. Life isn’t always a beach but I’d better learn to float before the NBC, TBS, CBS, TNT… keeps on FOX-ing me; preventing me from seeing BS on most these channels televising with more than the gentle aggressive advertising to someone like or unlike… me?

           I, remove the vision teller from before my eyes. Open the apertures of my pupils and the world’s music amplifies, in sync; classical overtures. Tones become visible, the earth spits her harmonics in melodies mastering frequencies like hillbillies with chrome harmonicas. Worlds of words come to mind; encyclopedia Britannica. White balance and contrast drop the auto function as if programmed to auto-function. Third eye arrives and decides on revealing its ultimate junction of residence. My residence ultimately is earth and her resident is… ME.



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2 thoughts on “Focus

  1. Hard to know the truth from a lie. I do my best not to watch Television. Kids need their TV. We need to think and set real goals for our life. I enjoyed your thoughts and agree with your logic.

  2. Ah, man I love reading what you do. You’re like a burst of adrenaline, of excitement in the pit of my stomach watching you twist and juxtapose words that I love into new ways of saying, new ways of seeing. Your focus is sharp, needle-sharp, and with that needle you draw from the ink on the page and tattoo my soul with your images.
    Your humble friend

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