Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Aura Ancients


They say the ancient civilizations must have known of other intelligent lifeforms.
They say, all of the technological advancements conceived, even in their rudimentary forms are evidence that a foreign being visited and inspired our ancestors.

Flaming chariots represent UFOs

They say… the tall tales of the Greek, Egyptian, Asian and even Irish gods are documented scripts and stories of alien existence.

I say…
Man on earth facing things inexplicably unexplainable to the plain eye.
Educated in the unknown and exploring the undiscovered possibilities beyond try.
Swimming entities with scaled fish lower extremities and gorgeous human like upper torsos.
Flying organisms and occurrences occupying gargantuan skies, surfing comets and “couching” clouds, fluffing the elements like throw pillows.
Beastly cyclopean men journeying the midget terrains, collecting towns as foot stools and spoils for symbolic pedestals.

Spears and swords forged with the capability to sever royal fortified forts’ abilities to withstand thousands of armoured armies.
Rods dredging the wrath of volcanic flames and heavenly lightning; handheld calamities.

I say, in their heyday only Samson knows of the columns he’s toppled.
Only Homer can attest to the certifiable depth of the mysterious Odyssey.
Only Tutankhamun can judge the presence of Ra.
Only Archimedes can wield the power of the death ray.
Only the Celtic god Lugh could vitrify even foundational walls.
20,000 leagues above the sea bottom Jules Verne met someone that witnesses an aquatic phenomena.

I say!
Prove them fact or fiction and that does not discredit the literary distinction of their immaculate and inspirational depictions of a past we can never hope to re-explain.

We only hope they continue to inspire.

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One thought on “Aura Ancients

  1. A lot of mystery in our world. I was in the service. I spend time in Africa and Central /South America. There was places where old religion and belief held strong. Most people don’t want to come out of their box. Mystery and myth is best part of life and books. Thank you for your thoughts on my favorite topic.

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