Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.


We start at the base and stare at each other knowing that it’s beautiful; us having climbed to such peaks.

That’s just the significant high our significant others leave us on.
I’m so happy for you, I can’t believe the significance in your smile; you’ve won…!
Every single merry ounce of bliss you never ever thought you’d ever, ever see!

It’s no conspiracy, these wonderful, magnificent sent people in our lives, soul mates we get to see.
All the days of our lives like a reality show that should show on tv.

Now you’re in a step towards forever,
And the plan coincides with what they write in all these books, alienating us with the sense of never.
But ring fingers appease to the latches of these… diamonds that represent much less than how hearts feel.
…diamonds that represent much more of what love needs:

Togetherness, “forever-ness,” promises, oaths, optimism through the pessimism, simplicity and cleverness, balances, rank and recognitions, acceptances, best intentions, hope, understanding of faiths and fate, compassion, and the list rolls on to forever miss!

I guess it’s easier to say I’ve known you a while and its impossible to explain the ecstatic I feel for your moment of smiles.
I’ll remain the same as ever, wishing you the best with all those wonderful endeavors; eternally happy you experience these great opportunities you both deserve.
You both deserve where you are,
To be on that mountaintop with all those stars.

A special dedication to my good friend Miranda, congratulations.


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