Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Redemption Psalm

Lets the celestial essentials fall to the mid-earths potential,
and center the centre for instrumental intentions,
fold this 2-dimensional story something 4 dimensions,
lyrically unleash the beast within the central like Power Rangers gone psycho-mental,
up the sparatic spirituality to an initiation stage,
of pedophile possessive mention to honorable haze,
color that something purple and incarcerate carbonated air mixed with THC toxins as a blaze,
kryptonite the herbalism behind the Marley’s phrase,
and emancipate your slave-likeness like the evident in evidence shows we still within slavery days…

I’m not preaching just asking

I’m on some numerical tongue-twisting destination teleporting to what society’s missing,
and all I can seem to find is parallel lines to elevate this mind above while its her I’m stoplight kissing,
wrist switching the pen projectile across the universe like immortal sendiments volcanically drifting…

Stab forks in what appears to be forked tongues, whether old or young, makes no difference to my mission,
then we elaborate on this uncertain illuminated position
only cause money got us in this costly and cozy position,
and the inner inhibitions that vocalize the aspirations collapsing behind the human eye, ain’t nothing but a whispering superstition,

OFF the ventriloquist for puppetering the masses like what my nations’ hands do,
and you !!! ain’t nothing but a thread less screw,
empty at the insides like files without papyrus dew,
chew this titanium mix of elements down the digestional walk through,

but I’ll talk through this Excalibur imitated sword that disrespects,
the sovereign necks of iniquitous men,
and then, the only result is what visionaries to the nations missionaries as godly gems,
when???? since has men
becometh such vain animals,
mammals with no veins just arteries flourishing with the same materialistic sane,
flushing the righteous embodiment of what lays under Zion’s tents down the system’s systematic satanic drains!!

The search for sunlight is a codename for the derrogative claim that all humans weren’t created the same,

I’m still not preaching just asking

…So then, why do they dress code their religion as ours or something same,
insane, and you join arms with and believe this evil empowerment of Lucifer’s name,
for that mint toxin paper, tuxedo dawned in green ink, just as well as murder your own biologicals for its touch with fame,

SHAME!!! you motherf……………. ought to know that bullets and mass miniature weapons of the same does stain,
the skins of man’s whim and even burn the edges of the very soul….

YOU’ve seen it before the post exactness that takes place after man’s been parasitically exposed to gold,
some die slow and others die fast and whole,
might as well bury the lifestyle of the poor in a sterilized hole,
because we seem to be to povert to enjoy much more than even the common cold.

I’m still not preaching just asking

…Seems that I strive to hard to buy shoes that neglect their own soles,
so shouldn’t it resemble the actions of a man working to hard neglecting the joy of his soul,


I know mamas’ succeeded at their careers of truly uplifting and getting us here,
but i guess the environment ain’t so spacious enough for us to peacefully interact here,
as simple organisms, with the higher reasonment to reason,
you would think that we learned something other than competitive breeding,
but yet a plant’s agenda comes across to me as much more revealing…. AS LIVING LIFE RIGHT,
I bet you ain’t never seen a leaf fight,
but man isn’t that bright,
well let me mix motions with emotions.

It’s just some man’s dream of motivation,
the distribution of lusting commotion,
and that with homicides the tides of accepting life’s upper thigh-line as a high life!!!!
But they take my herbalism and punish the whole of it like cannibalism,
when their cannibalistic selves only want to reflect fractions of themself on everyone else,
I know you feel this like a Police man who knows not his top boss, but that his check provides life, liberty and wealth.

Well my distant cousin whatever happened to jurisdiction and health,
seems like the badge is much more powerful and yet you slap it on any imbecile seeking a charged up belt.

F…. the inconsiderate and the considerate is left out in the lava pool to melt!!!!
if you haven’t understood the over-standing of why this poetical vibe be outstanding,
its cause it represents the inner exaction of what man once used to represent,
and if you consider bible chapters in existence something seems to be missing from the text and its evident,

Why so strangely certain verses keep repeating their sense,
reproducing through the pages like a horny sentence,
so I hereby sentence your mind on a mission to find the facts behind the symbolism on the dollar and cent!


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