Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.


I can’t say it’s unmasculine to do this thing…

The appeasing act of honing in on a need and placing my lips within its whims,
Placing my…
                Mind between her limbs,
my smile opens and my tongue begins to, grin.
The outermost layer of epidermis no matter how thin and dressed beneath in bones and flesh alone is intoxicating to the demands of cravings.

I shift my attention to be attentive to unrehearsed lower appendage spasms,
The predecessor to salivating mouth corners, sweaty contracting quads and more importantly the orgasm.

I spell L-O-L-L-I-P-O-P

Inside her glorious hips,
Imitating conversing covertly in countless languages I never could click.
Forming compression boundaries devising a seal with my lips.
Suction surpasses the restraints, bedsheets, once smooth-neat now resembles a mining disaster.

Anticipation of impulsive implosions pending,
Lending my upper body strength to her encouraging legs while I constantly contact and retract oral efforts as if her muffled moans and sexy groans have suddenly become condescending.
Maybe I’m over thinking and the end result is still impending,
Intending to dismiss all doubt that I can turn her structural insides all the way out is proof that the sweat I’m expelling is not from pretending.
Preventing the urge no the need to dismount and mount my inter-human coaxial communication device to her now excessively oiled free port.

I can’t seem to separate myself from flavor she savors,
And the view is great, I have taken a great liking to these wonderful thighs I regard as neighbors.
My tastebuds initiate the scheduled systems check dissecting samples of her, dissolving the data for memory’s memorabilia.
Depositing new context in complex strings within secure subfolders, parented by one entitled:
“The Deliciousness of the Exquisite Female Genitilia.”

Unknowingly yet in sync I increase the periods between my tongue and tonsilar involvement.
Unleashing a freakishly feverish frequency of heavy stomach throbbing, back arching, fist clenching, wrist flicking, neck bending, temperature escalating, mind-fucking…!!

Vocal organs meets repo organ;

It’s erotically cataclysmic!

Nothing remains now but satisfaction, vehement panting, mass perspiration and the welcoming aftertaste.


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