Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Where Do You Go? (My Fellow Bloggers)

Dear You,

The company of such brilliant enjoyed minds,
You stop by for a time and a time well spent parallel to the high of success, combined.

Maybe your like me, so I suppose that a pro’s prose inspires your lone probes,
Brief connections with beings of equal and different intelligence…
Manifesting sonic utterances out of used matchbox syllables in cadence, profoundly pronouncing with stressed silibance for extra essence.
Sound waves wave like sine waves in metaphysical, crashing on physical ear lobes sparking up the mind’s rare bulb’s incandescence.

Verbs rise off their excited asses axis with axes and acres of colorful, wonderful waxes lighting candles to guide the way,
Of where we used to spend our days.
Relaxing on hammocks swaying sweetly into that homesick, wind chill, chilly breeze blowing the sleeves up and greeting the colossal fan reader in all us, poets…

Simultaneously when we are exposed to the persuasive venom of those literate beasts that precede us.
We must,
fix ourselves in heroine acceptance positions: elastic bands and syringes, test leaking the addictions, inside.
Hoping, praying we can puncture the right pulmonary vessel and fill our insides.
With every .oz of literary odes and their potency,
Nothing remains but the prophesy of a life vessel, ominously.

I hope we can stay and can say that when we write we visit each other everyday. Viewing the views of the journeys our pens take.
Vividly and passionately; wherever you go can you comeback and go with me?
I’ll do the same as soon as my writing tool refuels I’ll send you invitations, please RSVP.


Fahdah Away

P.S. – I haven’t heard from you lately.


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