Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Love Juice

Tensions building around the mid-sections, 
and I feel awfully like I’m suddenly receiving pension for this…
Ultimate bliss with this phenomenal Miss, 
she makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up on some Neyo type -ish, 
I ain’t no physics major but her physical pull makes my push the equivalent fix.

Quenches of thirst are suddenly erradicated, 
and I’m hooked on her smile something like its medicated, 
innovative me… But yet still creatively she got me over ran, 
I’m the man… and she’s providing the Love Juice…

Dueces to my family and homeboys because she’s got me whipped, 
on some old school LL Cool J “I Need Love” shit…
They hate on and poke fun and then me and her dissolve into the horizon. 

On point is our chemistry and we can always hear each other… “eh-hem” Verizon.
Simply put, I am her documented weakness and she seriously got me hooked too. 

Tit-for-tat and the condesation on this cup has got me red hot……. 
I mean chilli peppers.
NO high steppers but her in this Vicky Secret fishnet arrangement beneath the see-through pea coat…
Extremely sexy.
My average gulp just went cotton mouth.
She dances the rhythm fire imitates making my seating position suddenly too awkward to liberate.
I plead inside, I deliberate, yelling the words truce,
She leans towards my ears and whispers… “Love Juice”… 

I’m thinking nectars and aromatic sensual flavors while tracing her body outwards from her navel, 
knowing I’m naval naturally I got some tendencies that are way out of character from the “typical” islander.
I’ve grown on my own and I will die by myself so my perogative is sewn.
Licking my lips in selfish amazement because she’s got me detached from my common sense, literally. 
Spiritually I’m praying to GOD, pleading make it real…

Physically and metaphysically, 
intentionally i magnetize my kissers to polarize my kiss, now I’m the Mecca… Repositioning her frame with chaotic smooch action; leaving her in a disposition

I’m intoxicated with whatever this “Love Juice” is and to be blunt the shit is kind of potent even kind of intense.

“I keep it with me at all times” she says after I dumbfoundedly ask what is it? 
and it is no gimmic. 
I’ve rated this trained beast as the female mojo, 
because we drove the moment from first gear to third like we was in that ’09 Toyo, better yet box Porsche going slow-mo, 
gripping to each other’s flesh like them tires grip tar.
The ones from Toyo, or Yoko…-hama.

I knew this was love but I didn’t know that it had by-products, 
I’m tunneling in the moments kinda like sex with aqueducts. 
She’s so my cup of tea, definitely like Star Bucks, 
I’d keep going but the scene is getting Jiffy, 
the camera is getting sticky and this shit isn’t water resistant.

I barely just filled my tank and she’s rolling me down to the “E”…. 
WHAT is this and where is this…? 
Whatever this be, I told her “I’m loving it.” 
She says “Baby this is for you and only you…”

“Its my Love Juice…”  (my response) and then the camera fell on the floor…
Shattering, scattering all screws.


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15 thoughts on “Love Juice

  1. Taylor Rae on said:

    Wow! I got chills. This was amazing and such a beautiful tribute to your lady!

  2. This was a nice piece. Very deep! =)

  3. My cheeks are burning red my poetic friend, your words fail me 😉

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