Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.


She’s got way too many student loans
So grown and so young it’s a wonder she groans
Moans over the backdrop pursuing new loans
New money to pay, exceed the tuition delays
Home alone with Conscience and a head of new grays
On par with the grades, shone she can starve for some days
Just for the accomplishment of accomplishing A’s
What an accomplice I say, sneak you and help you parade
Charade is a facade only some rich ppl play

She’s intentionally right but conventionally wrong,
Ingenious potential but a G on the scene for the cream tugging your peanuts quick to suck and fuck all the essentials
That’s how she got in this song, eventually,
She’ll be the viral sensation that drives the social credentials
Of Facebook and Twitter, leaving an exponentially bad taste in bitches mouths until they’re socially bitter
Better to butter their egos with shit they think is confidential but they aren’t women and these aren’t their bills nigga
She used to be bigger
But that fast cash and empowered cast intrigued her fast ass to employ all the benefits of baring a fat ass
So yes she will clash with the titans!
All for the financial freedom and travel to Sipán or Maldives to dive with her right hands…

Greed and Success until graduation is but a notch that pours well with excess,
Designer belts and senior wine around exotic fabrics that structure her dress,
New addresses complementary to the passport stamps,
Ambitions of a winner previously labeled the passport tramp,
Multitude of stable foreign men and sex in so many raunchy positions,
The only thing that’s remains same is the same famed superstition…



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