Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

she’s all Words

All I see is you…
I pan on my pivot foot and there’s nothing but you.
First thing in the morning there’s hymns and things I structure around you.
When I drive, objects pass by that can be described only by you.
I love you, I think we should even have relations after this, if you…
Don’t mind partaking in adultery and committing a few sins do you?
I think I could even convince my wife to try you,
Persuade her that we should all be together too, could you?
You, could have a baby by me baby but only on your terms. You-

Have got a way of enticing me daily; leaving me letters, starting and ending all my sentences, giving me your numbers, staying with me, defining me, defining you, altering things, summing up stunning sex, those legs going forever I mean run-on sentence long, giving me some mostly between the periods, then silent when your ready, flaunting those mean curves, everything about you is tight and justified except for the natural spaces and inherited indentations.
It’s crazy how sometimes you might have an accent.
I think I’m whipped…

I’m pussywhipped on you Words!!!


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