Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

The Impervious Mother


Firstly, special thanks to the mothers in my life in order of appearance: I want to thank my mother, grandmother, aunts, cousins, wife and mother-in-law.


Let’s assume your beliefs and agree that God or science engineered something mean,
Mean in the sense of pioneering and beauty in the context of dreams,
Pioneering in the aspect of prototype
First ever, no 2.0’s necessary the initial draft is perfect!

You were crafted to be a vessel no manufacturer can replicate,
Structured with an invisible polymer, indestructible within your bones yet outwardly delicate.
The earth knows you better than any man, than any scientist/doctor/spiritualist/purist/masochist/rapist/theorist/specialist….

You were meant for anything less than lofty creme fondues and expensive seats at the tables with creators, doers and perfectionists,
It does not show; oh no it certainly is invisible!

The concoction of you turns with ingredients unexplainable to man
…conviction, multiple-multi tasking protective, outgoing, undeterred, wisdom;
You were born in full sunrise.
Spring blossoms inside of you,
Winter sets with your pain and love is a drug of which your genetic prints cannot abstain.
Your guidance

We all know your one day a year is everyday, every month, yearly.
We just had the option of choosing just one day to commemorate you for your entire commitment annually.

Mothers are the gravitating force that has the capacity to tip the very scales of life this way or that way and for that I just wanted to thank you.

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