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Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Candy Crush Saga


In the wise words of my wife ,”the first move is the most critical.”

Ok, ok, ok… I know someone is gonna be like “wtf?!”
But it’s necessary I do this while I can break away from my recent addiction, or whatever of myself that’s left and capable of writing.

I’ve been fiendishly hooked on this heroine addict flavored sweet tooth revamp of Bejeweled on mollies!
I have did my best resisting temptation since Angry Birds and despite my most Christian like efforts I could not abstain, refrain, refute, redirect any time or any rhetoric nothing!!!!

And now….

It’s cancerous and spreading like Mercer,
I have to hover my fingers over the next possible match like a cursor,
My wife’s to blame, I’m livid about this psychotic-like binge of enjoyable fiery finger swipes I’ve been performing and I really want to curse her!

At this very moment I’m in too deep breaking snags and destroying jellies!
Tapping all my Facebook resources for extra lives and I will add more friends just for more lives; I’m ready!
Friend me! Friend me! Friend me!

There’s absolutely no reason why my android should have forsaken me for such tempting delights,
I awaken from sleep just to play and disregard sleep at night,
I’ve bitten the blight that has stricken this nation; this world, and as the app loads on my galaxy s3 my eyes go coconut milk white!
I can’t fathom why, why, why….
Why I would allow such insanity.

To sleep I would much rather…
But I fear I’ll miss my Candy Crush Saga.

Sincerest thank you to all my FB friends that ignorantly feed my addictive habit and supply me with extra lives! I thank you deeply!


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5 thoughts on “Candy Crush Saga

  1. this is why I can’t even get into these games… I can’t be no fiend! LOL!

  2. So addicting! I have the same problem lol

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