Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Opinions Do Matter


Remember when we used to say that phrase about sticks and stones…?
Well, no one ever said that it didn’t apply at home.
Family and loved ones take verbal shots and like bullets, those words be breaking bones!

Full metal jackets,
Shelving all my flaws at me then sawing through the brackets,
Magic?, happiness disappears with tears I swear I’d never match with,
Sobs and Cleanex tests, refresh my suicidals while pressing lit match sticks,
Against my void body; my anguished flesh, chronologically checking off my death wish checklist.

I wish I would just swerve the fuck off the highway
105 mph into the billboard towering the byway,
That reads:

Like Family… We’re Here To Help

I just bluntly refused your offer and I chose to help me my way,
Phoning the media prior for shock value and premeditated my impact during high day.

I say, be careful of the words you choose to use to abuse the few,
close loved ones nearest you,
they just might have a different wick and an explosive fuse.

I say, beware of how others suffering means nothingness to you and seek help if it seems to amuse, you.

Treat the apples of your eyes with unwavering respect.
Serve them courtesy, honesty and encouragement
by the platter,
Inspire them and praise them each step up or down the ladder.
It may not seem like it does but
Opinions do matter.

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7 thoughts on “Opinions Do Matter

  1. You’re right, opinions do matter even if only you are aware of that. Always a pleasure to read you.

  2. good message.
    Great post!

  3. This really hit home with me. Other peoples opinions can do a lot of damage especially if it is coming from family. This was an awesome post.

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