Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Corporate Pollution


“Big Industry” who the fuck said you can sit on your genuine leather seats, enjoying that new car scent, sipping premium lattes while silently shitting in our lakes.
What the fuck makes,
you so great!?

Real Rolex wristwatches don’t come in fake…
How dare you put your dollar on such a high pedestal to make you think yours is bigger than mines,
I bank a different rich, one not vested heavily in material things; clothing and jewelry lines.
Your skin could never be thicker than mines, and last time I check we bled the same hues too,
If you would and the powers that be permitted it you could ask my role model Langston Hughes too.

10, 10-foot diameter pipes distributing the likes of substances yellowish-white or greenish-brown and vomit-red like,
Inhabitants of the habitation facing the dilution of your pollution are all dying; memoirs of execution.

Is the price of oil, gold and coal interchangeable with the soul???

It’s always insignificant until the significance blesses your doorstep,
The same ecosystems you genocide with chemical cocktails and fruit garnish disguised as pesticides and lubricants, flammable ingredients…
Will soon be the source leakage contaminating your children’s children tap water; on-demand sewage.
Laugh now, collect next, die later;
There is no generations after the seeds of X if this plethora of hazmat doesn’t subside now rather than later.

I see industrial Camels on the horizon and they stand equally tall like the towers of modern day South Bells, Vodafones, Verizons…
Blowing pure-grade ozone killer into the stratosphere, cause and effect affects the tainted rains supposedly blessing our troposphere.
Plants and minds alike can’t find the sustaining nourishment alike.
Our only restitution is the pseudo-compensations: mobile phones, tablets, inefficient transportation, reality tv… distractions from the incoming attraction; corporate wasteland Earth.
The entertained and speechless audience:


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3 thoughts on “Corporate Pollution

  1. A very sad yet real portrayal of the side effects of industrialization

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