Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Give Me Sleep or Slavery

Sleep evades me most nights and replaces its presence with presents of present states of awake.

That right there is my main idea, and I support the details with the feeling of being excessively tired and feeling like bundles of rest deprived shit; donut-shaped.

I just need a nap, 45 minutes will be a godsend,
If no, then soooooo be it the blanket will be my demise and the pillows, my billows I’d die to lie on, so they’d be the end.
“Lend me your ears”, rather lend me your mattress some sheets and the strongest anesthetics you found under-the-counter; no pretend.
Double my doses I’m only bend-ing the rules so I can ease my eyelids and tame the mule.

Give me sleep or give me slavery!!!

Oh Night, I just want to depart with you tonight,
I’ve got every intention of counting sheep, backwards even but not until the blinds illuminate and emanate day-glow from day light.
Renovate the horizon and crush the daybreak side of the hype.
I’d like to bolt canvass like drapes painted in night black to the walls’ pupils.

I have been a prisoner of sunshine for ages,
Shackled to the desires of bustling bright economies; day wages.
Pardon me once more and please do grant me the serene ability to sponge these tears of weariness.

The bed’s calling me, here we come,
Myself and relaxation,
I wish I could just do as the Romans do, and sleep!


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