Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Deh Island Life (Part 1)


Yea’ Mannn!

You ain’t neva see water so blue eh?
Sun shining through deh crisp crests of waves and reflecting off ah da white sand deh.
Smell of fresh proviseons bubbling under a yabba pot on top ah tree stone fire,
Spiced and cane rums acquaint cups and irie domino players; summer June attire.

Fish fry, deh equivalent of deh Southern American bbq,
Stiff spliffs shift hands in ideological mannerisms too,
Serene sounds inna casual calm backdrop visited often by sweet sea breeze.
Calypso and soca for some; ska, dancehall and conscious reggae for others.

Beach bodies glorify deh stereotypical clandestine lifestyle,
Consuming deh media da consumes deh female brigades lacking solid self-esteem; wet concrete profiles.

Tis’ ah tropical vibe;
Beautiful like deh scenery in deh Maldives,
Complexions come fluid in coconut, palm and other exotic oils,
Deh distance is heart-throbbing, any direction is ah better view of deh udda isles,
Hibiscus dem grace hair lines and sugar cane residue grace white smiles,
Papaya in hand, mangoes in the other
Catch ah marijuana contact by default, see if you too wouldn’t love smile.
Deh message is always one love, for every man, woman and child.

Tings get real interesting deh closer you venture to deh equator,
Now equate this: Mek sure at least once inna yuh life yuh have to mek dis trip…
Venture to the virgin islands, it’s a rejuvenater!


****1st Photo credit to:


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