Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

The Everyday Dad


That guy!!

What a wonderful life form,
-al, for sons the big pal
for daughters their knight since the day they were born.
Yes he changes pampers, yes he makes bottles, yes he’s so parental the sight is paranorm

Ask Al, well you won’t meet him but if you could Al would say he never met a man who could,
But he didn’t have a father so it’s unimaginable,
Until Al met him, a guy so like Al,
Whom never had a father either but made an oath he would,
Bless the seeds he elects to eject with nothing less than parental self-respect.
Be in their lives,
Be in their moments,
Be in their especially!

I’m talking about the doctors appointments;
baseball and football games,
First-aid for the cuts, specialty ointments,
Soft wraps for the joints, giving of last names.

Everyday is a good day in the kitchen,
Pots do the pans and dishware do the whipping,
He may not be Jordan but goddamn he’s Scottie Pippen,
Intolerable for the bad grades, misbehavior and ill-lipping.

He is a father but the honor resides in DAD.”
The everyday love is really all he has,
The power of accomplishment is the gift to gab,
It’s the creation of memories that define the lab…

The labyrinth of life is the entirety of gain,
And the blessing is these kids sleep soundly in dad’s arms.
This man knows patience, virtue and charm,
This man knows consideration, sharing; he’s the bomb!
This man is intelligent, charismatic, fair,
This man works hard to support the family heirs; to be their reason to brag.
This man is me and I am that Dad.

*****A special piece, dedicated to my kids Ty’ & ‘Mani. Daddy loves you!****


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