Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

She Gambles

She’s so accustomed to the customs of tragedy, she’d rather be lifeless and free than suffering in apology.
She’s ill but the will she’ll possess after Patience’s prowess; she’ll vote less.
Lest the world cares anymore when I have no doubt it’s really less.
It’s really best, then again it’s really not.
Whatever it really is she keeps close to heart is really not…
The important things in worldview.

I see her clearly and though she knows I’m not there she sees me too.
Visibility is not purity, being unsure is certainly insanity but then again tomorrow is never promised.

She’s addicted to gambling and sincerely bad at it,
Shameful enough at the slots that sometimes she sluts just to get back at it.
Borrowing money from person to person, weekend somber binges in her own attic, trying to grab it; any sense of the word win.

Every inch of the word sin is a means of getting ahead in this, dim world.
She’ll deposit her last dime in roulette to feel like her engine’s set on rev like bikes at the poker nose.
Pick pocketing and wallet charming is an alarming trait to consider prized and gold,
But even love knows no limits when the ultimate price of the goal is the fee on the soul.


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