Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Suma the Sumatran


Fight phobia and wage war with anxiety.
Conform to the propriety, act like you don’t know you’re glaring into Death’s pupils; the awkwardly destined calamity.
We “top” the food chain when referencing the kitchen but I gather, in the wild, we resemble calamari.
After all what’s the odds that your 250-lbs standing wet means anything other than brunch to a near 350-lbs carnivore.

Cute and cuddly echoes honesty to stuffed play things but when reality sets in, adjacent to a starving felid’s piercing canines,
The only realistic sanctuary just may be the same imagination that sometimes confines the mind in plush toy land.

I introduce you to the Sumatran tiger, found respectively on the Indonesian island of Sumatra.
For all intensive purposes we’ll dub this particular cat Suma.
Suma is amongst a species of cat that is critically endangered due to poaching and especially habitat destruction.

Let’s put aside all the common evils of man like murder, thievery, deceit, treachery and entertain our pioneering role in habitat destruction.
Ecologically worse than Mr. Senator or Mr. Governor’s participatory role in election corruption.
Lumberjack physique giants command the ability of disappearance, yielding the promissory tools ordained to banish whole forests in the right direction.
That land meets displacement and its inhabitants makes the acquaintance too.
Let’s see; predator or prey which one are you?

I wish we could restore and even more what if the rules of engagement were some how different.
For instance, suppose, who knows we were the hunted, would such an incident be insolence?
I bet half of the human population would wouldn’t surpass orientation.

We just wanna live… an existence without regard of another’s life expectancy,
Are you expecting me to turn the whole cheek, bite the entire bullet and swallow good measure and pride for a dick severed heading upward bound a pole that no man can climb?!

Suma wants what any organism wants,
A space to live, to love and to be,
And because animals like this face homeland degeneration, captivation, and alienation to a place they can’t be arbitrarily free!
It’ll be Suma the Sumatran tiger at the zoo that inevitably eats you.

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