Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

I Am Mountainous


[Disclaimer: In the name of inspirational art!]

Ain’t no mountain high…
Enough, because I move those like the omnipresent winds that blew clothes,
Issuing freshly used verbs that make chopsticks look like chewed on prose.
Segregating composition notebook sheets until they resemble that last piece of Kleenex that blew your blued nose.
Nostradamus in every sense, the prunes spend every pence hoping to make outlandish returns on every cent they’ve spent,
Promoting propaganda dressed obscenely delicious; media chimichangas in the fashion of Clarke Kent.

I bend all evidence of honesty and sincerity to sacrifice the life of lights mangling above the pinnacle.
Don’t limit yourselves until you’ve had pizza as a popsicle.
Cynical charades, homicide for the mundane pen, marriage and burial with the groom; spoken word spirituals.
I got some token herb rituals I daily submit to the summits of sub-par lyrical rubbish.

Fuck it, I move mountains for my own eclectic literacy.
Switch verses with me and we’ll label it whimsical and heresy.
Challenge me to a fool’s duel and landslide phrases ancient like pharaohs, iron sharpening iron, mental ion lithiums recharged as fueled tools.

Entitled: Cardio-Cerebral-Amelioration
Paraphrasing angels for angled victories and common history with Anglo-saxons…

Play that vocal sax and…
Mandalay nights and Maldives days become more than poetic deliberations.
I mean to acquire the lives of Satires, volcanic fires and African brimstone.

Say they don’t implicate that we’ve been cloned

At this point it’s unimportant to a mountainous monster with the telepathic audacity to move the entire Himalayan bedrock capacity.
I mean it’s evident I breakfast sediment,
Collecting genius like gems along the way.
I’ll retire from my high horse now, the aristocrat way.

I love being a Poet,
It’s why I know I Am Mountainous!

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