Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.



Cheer on leery craftsmanship,
I’d date but my wife would first have to board a spaceship.
With this facelift like expression I promise I mean to say I dream my pockets creamed that much to take her that high;
As often as I make her space hips.

Petals of the unfamiliar flower,
Oil of Olay mists and serendipity showers,
Frame me as the coward whom used to frequent Dade and Broward.
Cut throat, emotions opposite the grease like lemonades playing forward.

I only wanna study her every single cubby,
Examine all her inefficiencies and rate them all as yummy,
Chummy, I swear we clay all day like Gumby,
I humbly, divide all sides of her amongst me!
Her stems deserve gems and petals should slip on kisses.
Wishes… pollinate in harmony with the cell walls I breach and germinate.

The perk of a wallflower is that it grows ideal, even though ideal conditions seem to be concealed,
Yielding better fruit than the organic suits in the field,
Surreal outcomes compared to incomes on cornmeal.
I only wanna worship whatever soil she hails from.
Transplant my own segments of each other’s DNA.
Send my momentous moments on DVD to CNN…
And then…

I’ll love her before like my

happily after then

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