Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

In Respects to Life


I sincerely hope there’s light at the end of that revered tunnel. The one everyone speaks of when referencing Heaven like someone we all know has been there before. Honestly, who can say they actually know? Where does fact play a hand in faith and if it did would faith still be considered that ultimate leap?

I was hoping dearly to treat this night as any other, writing words that inspire and  move. Instead, I am mourning for the mourners in Boston, crying for the innocents in Syria, and overwhelmed by the thought of a trigger happy motherfucker with the possibility of anything larger than a slingshot in caliber! I can’t say to the people directly affected that I understand, I am so sorry for your loss or even everything will be fine because sometimes it will not.

I believe, and in what or whom, which God and what king is extremely unimportant but know that I believe in love and life. I cherish the freedom to breathe as much as I take it for granted. I only sought out to write tonight as any other night but instead I was blanketed by an insane amount of emotion and disbelief. I am well aware of the perils beyond the sanctuary of my skin but sometimes it’s just a little overwhelming. My heart goes out to anyone, anywhere who has been affected by any ills of life. I am truly hurt that you have faced or are facing the conflicts at hand. One Love

In Respects to Life,
Fahdah Away (Humble Mouths)

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