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Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

No Reinvention for Conversation

You don’t call anymore.

Truth of the matter is, even I don’t call anymore.

We’d much rather sit and lather ourselves in the day to day nothingness,
The equivalents of couch warming talents, watching soaps neglecting soap and all hope of outside social encounters for the solitude 5 to 35 feet of carpet, wood or tile between the comfort spot and the kitchen counter.
Well not entirely
We’d just rather reduce communication to impersonal notifications.

OR send text messages…

I too have dissolved the extremities of me, to the capabilities of my 4G LTE.

I used to be:

Fresh, adaptable, cool, funny, outgoing, mysterious, late, early, loud, quiet, difficult, understandable, athletic, positive, significant, glowing… free.
And now,
Well now I’m just incoming.
…Or not responding, or ignoring, or slow, or in a dead spot, or screening, or beaming, or completely unfamiliar with modern text jargon and its acronyms.

The absolute worst part is that my spelling and grammar is below par with comparison to my seventh-grade self!

Self! Maybe I should text you a multimedia-message (video) specifically,
Preferably a YouTube clip of how Hooked On Phonics should work for me,
Because the simple words that my T9 prediction coupled with Swype auto-corrects have left me checked; looking like a bum with no urgent or latent need for a GODDAMN DICTIONARY!
I may not have a clue, as to exactly what you do,
When seeking a thesaurus for help.
But in the grand scheme of things my misspellings are overlooked, accepted and encouraged because the people I exchange data with in substitution of social growth and learning are becoming just as illiterate as me.
Circle of redundancy.

The rise of impersonal notifications…
And no matter how hard we try to personalize the situation with stylized verbiage, personification, text tags or emoticons we just can’t bridge the gap between the nothingness and good old conversation.
There’s just no conversion or data speed for pronunciation, articulation, attractive voices and analog tones!

Regardless of our cavalier attempts to improve the efficiency of communication with “more advanced” methods, we have failed at doing so inexplicably with regards to replacing the phone call.


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6 thoughts on “No Reinvention for Conversation

  1. You just cut through it all with that one.
    How do we take that first step (backwards) when people are so scared of connection that they shun your attempts of something deeper?
    They/I judge so quickly; assume the intent is sex or boasting.. but we’re all just terrified of realizing we need one another.
    Phone calls lead to vulnerability, truth, and exposed fears of rejection.
    I’m not sure how to comfort others enough to be brave with me.

    • Its a difficult step and the transition backwards maybe even harder than noted. I think for me my definition of time has changed, it seems less time consuming to send a text message than to actually pick up the phone.
      With that said, when have become so busy that even picking up the phone is too time consuming???
      I wonder now if this is what some people felt when the phone was invented?

      • I know lol, it takes just as much time to type a text out as it does to say a sentence.
        Relatedly, I had a moment yesterday as I washed my face where I took pause to feel the warmth of the water. I normally rush quickly through so many of life’s moments.. yet this is the experience we’re trying live, we’re already here. I ramble lol

      • Hardly a rambler and its good to share perspectives with like minds. I don’t know a lot of poets and writers. The few whom I do know I hardly speak to because daily life controls our lives. It’s the simple things like washing our faces, laying a few extra minutes and gazing at the ceiling, noticing the hues of nature or even people that reminds me for instance that I’m still a person while everything else seems so expected and rehearsed that I’m too immersed in life.

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