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Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Great Prose


I guess genealogy and Shakespeare share there something passionate with the likes of Sherlock and Merlot or Hemingway and Moscato.
Impressive reading of scripts with chips, and other fine wines and spirits anointed in the bosoms of strawberries and violin-like synths.
Long winded ass perplexed thoughts, the kind associated with paradoxical highs such as: smoking herbs or meditation on equally hallucinatory medications.
Hookah pipes and smoked out smog-like caverns mystified like dream sequences and restlessness.
Quintessential literature in the presence of god-tongues and otherworldly writing utensils.
Plotting courses of history only to be studied in courses dubbed Mystery, Mythology and History, becoming the head of the fabrics or the pattern’s obvious stencil.

I then pose the question to all those who do not mind the impose, what then marks the noteworthy representation of great prose!?

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2 thoughts on “Great Prose

  1. I like this. It is a challenge.. as if value for truth seekers and raw writers is only found after their dead and gone. Even with great new prose, how do we sift through the layers on layers of pointless noise? Idk.
    Great prose is recognized when the hungry find each other in the clutter.

  2. Great prose is anything you love. If it doesn’t resonate move on – you’ll find something that does. I love Shakespeare – but only the war plays and the tragedies. His comedies leave me perplexed. But I think that’s ok … Have you ever read Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides? Now there’s some great prose.

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Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.


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