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Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Sky Cake (Birthday Tribute)


When you build them flavored layers for her…!
Build them bitches like bridges and this tall!
Separate patronizing from your mind momentarily, don’t be basic she deserves to have it all!

        most birthday cakes only get you high as icing, provided the sugar grams,
If we’re gonna do it bigger this year we’ll need vats and pounds by the grands.
A bourgeois street team that hash tags mad shit and refuses to eat anything but lobster, rib eye, crab and lamb by the skewers.
Sophistication has educated themselves to call their group gatherings something more honorable than “clique”
But please say the baby and hash tag #thatshit

When you picture this, you gotta visualize with minimalist eyes wedding cakes; the basis.
Tell the best men, best friends dawn their blazers and place 5 foot Peach Ciroc bottles between the spacers; liquor oasis,
Phenomenon of birthday cases.
Inventory check: fireworks, random and petty cash, reborn virgin credit cards, alcohol, transportation and various prophylactics.
Absolutely no fucking cameras in the presence of the birthday girl because what ever should so happen on this escapade is prohibited by being repeated for repetition sake.


At very least, craft me a Trump Tower draft of a birthday cake,
One large enough for the celebration face,
One tall enough to feed unidentified opposite of sober citizens of which ever state, town, city and borough we capture and terrorize first,
And note to party-goers of anyone should so happen to see her purse,
Clutch it until necessary, thank you!

This is for anyone that has ever had that lousy ass birthday cake that was too small for your measure of greatness.

And especially a dedication for my loving wife.

I love you, Happy Birthday,
and may these words serve as the entertainment to substitute for your “tallest birthday cake” known to man!

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3 thoughts on “Sky Cake (Birthday Tribute)

  1. A very cool photo. This would be a large cake.

  2. Aww thank u… Love u too

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