Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.


The angelic consortium congregated with the majestic ruler, the infamous leader, the King of Kings and all other notoriously mighty titles of celestial consideration and made you!

5 foot 4 inches of caramel and almond mix with chocolate chips blended to the smoothest milk like textures.
Mystery of the unknown like between the game squares during Checkers.
Miss you got Beauty all jealous and Gorgeous in a tighter choke hold than plaid neckers.

It’s evident I got a fine fetish with your fresh finish,
And even if you were Finnish,
I’d possibly apply the same persistence no gimmicks.
1 day away from your immaculate ejection,
Can I give you roses the way the people in the west celebrate life?
If that appeals the way I hope it does, 10 years from this day will you be my wife?

The number of age is about as important as the number of a page,
It’s the most important when you’re faced with it.
The least important when missing the titles,
To prompt impromptu to teleprompters too won’t tickle my fancy and sickle these sick fuckers on two…
And you, there you are; divine minds couldn’t chisel and prime in more elegant chimes such choreographed beauty consistently for photography all the time.

Time who knows no man,
In time, thyme is but twine to woman,
It’s important is sole but stands equally well with soul when grouped with its fellow books as did the Romans.
This day past, has passed and someone once died and had the blessings of scattered ash to bless it, blessed it well and passed it on into your hands.
A segment of seconds, botched into batches of hours to slot this day, this very revolution as yours.
I’m found fond of celebrating this with you, and even so celebrating the life of you as the wife of me here too,
What a wonderful human being I have the privilege to age fine with, a forever of a lifetime I hope to spend with you.


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