Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Young Hope


Youth is a journey often made lonely…
In our minds alone, we perceive that the parents, the family, the loved ones and homies,
could all care less about the travels we embark on through being bullied, hazed, teased, ganged up on and so much more.
Trials and tribulations, embarrassing points and exclamations, the calamity of my very existence told bias by “me”, my overly dramatic explanation of life’s traumatic events.

It’s a long journey this path that started wherever on to here, leading to there, way up there wherever.
And in some ways somehow, someone was oh too clever to pair me with one whom I could explore with.
Stuffed with all my secrets as well as cotton, or wool or simply enough stuff,
for me to hug and squeeze for all my needs when socialization got too tough.
There’s no makeshift courage on the beating path, you either earn it or burn it,
I decided to tuck Teddy and learn it,
face insanity head on, doing the best any 8 year-old could not to appear squirm-ish.
Solid as a rock in the presence of vermin, the unknown, veins toddler to testosterone yet adolescent to adrenaline.

I saw the masculine obscenely abuse the feminine,
Misuse their estrogen for childish pointless exploits, face full of epinephrine.
The youth behold so much explicit untruth, eyes play apertures to the frames of life constantly ready to shoot!

***Photo edit by Fahdah Away; photo credit to: ****


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