Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.



Oooooohhh… BALANCE!
I’ve got talents and am not too fund of the tooting of my own horn but today I’ll manage the challenge.

How dare you swear to me…?
All but drill the wills in me: “Reading is fundamental” and “learning is essential”
I’ve added a high school diploma, service to my country and a BS to my list of accolades since grade school;
So how did ambition make me the fool, for letting success pride me with fuel?

Don’t charade mountainous dreams above my head then sell me the dreads of disapproval,
Hyping my expectations on wishes and hopes, I can’t cope with letdown, so I intrigue my own ego and grant setbacks their removal.
This fucking system, wealthy enough to afford so much more than other countries yet so poor…
       Even the hungrier of us quit before we grace the presence of the door.

Welcome mats flaunt and taunt insults past Courage’s intelligence.
Seniors and seasoned professionals scorn us on entry; distilled malevolence,
Benevolent I; I do pray I never acquire their ugly, unwanted, distasteful heir of arrogance.
Draft me away from all incumbent interference,
And please God, save me from my own “inner-fear-fence.”

Impossibility is an infection that needs to be removed like all viable fleshy substances during Lent.
I’m just saying anything is possible,
Give fruit to fruition of things beyond the typical, king that beneath the logical,
Tense well during tension and as they doubt find it comical.
Pay close attention, lens on the optical,
Stay skeptical of things quoted proven as well as things dubbed factional,
And no matter how they pit the odds against you stand impervious, think mustard seeds… failure is not an optional.
Be still in the heat of the kitchen, go grab a popsicle,
Remember nothing is ever one truth and
nothing is IMPOSSIBLE.

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