Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.



Shore love,
  Romance dances finely; sand grains.

I adore you love,
  Catastrophe is so much more attractive       under crashing waves…

Even salt tastes better on you.
On 2; we’ll initiate the countdown to running in too!
Joyful swimming in the evening moments, true?
True? Sharks frequent shallow waters at higher frequencies as the day meets nightfall?
Shoot, and I had plans for you woman,
Well devised in my (extra-extra Cruzan Rum filled) Tequila Sunrise,
A wonderful sabotage that ends at sunrise.
It’s no complaint being restrained to the untamed whims of this beach, especially between those thighs,
Just because we had my stick submerged doesn’t mean I’m responsible…

FOR drawing all kinds of lines in the sand,
I demand you continue treating me like a piece of meat as I admit defeat and increase the volume on Bob, Stir It Up shall stay on repeat!

Let’s do our best to enlighten the situation further more,
Furthermore, I love our fornication.

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