Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Black; His Story


It’s Black History Month 2013…still!

Still racism survives beyond civil rights lives and Jim Crow segregation lines,
I would say be realistic and lift your blinds but you know as well as I do that these are still the times.
Crosses and flags still burn on both sides of the Mason Dickson Line.

Klan members still sport custom sheets so they can blend in well with all the niggers they greet,
Southern Comfort Inn, rest at ease with a clean noose and a trampoline.
Black swan babies bathed in gasoline, a Hitler for our new world, genocide Jews after fresh brews and cigs tipped in kerosene.
I’m in it for the equality, same blood we always bleed… and we can stop airing the Roots movie cause Martin still ain’t got the dream.
Though every February since I was born we claim it’s better,
If so we wouldn’t need hoodies for Trayvon or cardigans to hide the ash in Wall Street weather.

Dear Shine,

I promise to polish what’s black an even darker pigment,
Figment play malignant right after the indent.
No matter what the world say we took part in the invent,
Sphinx lost its nose now even history is a perpetrator in the intent,
And one white Christian bomber in Oklahoma doesn’t define the whole lot…
So how the fuck one black man spoil the whole pot?!!

…You expect me to be content…

Stop subjecting me to the controls of excitement specimen type paraphernalia,
Stop enlisting contradicting peer lookalikes to push to me propaganda,
Information warfare, new age Uganda…

I love the unconstitutional whites, that don’t base black on what base-heads lack,
Comes out and shows mad love from the heart,
Unconditional love never lacks,
Reincarnated Bob’s and Lazarus like Haile’s.
I’m so glad we can be positive to each other, reach each other and give love back.

I took a course of action in naming this Black History, “Black; His Story…”
Cause it shouldn’t be a month long and it ain’t all about us.
If you haven’t figured that out yet then that explains what lacks in all of us.

Obvious things shift to clear when we’re safe behind familiar walls,
Black people aren’t the worst niggers any more now we hate the Mexicans the way the racist whites hated us, so what does that make us???

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