Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.


Bitch bad…
Only because Lupe said so though and that’s sad.


It should have never took Lupe to say that the “beautiful independent type choosing honor” is the bad bitch before you noticed she was beyond average.

On my ave she’s “have-hers rich!”
Got her own logic, mind farther away than Saturn’s whip,
Busted dudes will call her bitch but that’s only because they can’t have her whipped…
And that’s with them or with cream.

See with society, it’s all dream,
Yet imagination is frowned upon.
That’s because they define what you should call self-esteem,
And the rest is left for you to think up on.

Only you do no deciphering, of life’s pipe-peering,
You just accept all offerings, dodos and red herrings,
Staring into the matrix (made-tricks) surrendering all power steering.

Darling them heels and the feel of your zeal shouldn’t only be fixed on fresh sex appeal,
And them eyes and those thighs sweet thang shouldn’t seldom find themselves all skinned back; you know like orange peels.
You can earn yourself a meal, short of prostitution ordeals,
Put some tuition on a nigga at least make him pay for parking fees!

Jeez use your God blessed intelligence,
And if you don’t believe substitute faith with common sense,
MSN Money isn’t all about the cents,
Center perspective on the win and you’ll win with more than scents.

It’s imperative you show the world your very heritage,
Bad Bitch on every planet and I don’t mean derogative,
IQ beast, derivative and talented, well accomplished you’re a symbol for the entire feminine.
Slap lame dudes for hokey-pokey comparatives, bitch dudes should be better equipped with complementary adjectives.
Moms raise wiser than these futile excuses for men…
And then this is the shit we get stuck with for Lent?!

Savage, lady. Still more impressive than the male baggage babies,
If he insists that you’re a bitch never have his baby,
It’s high time we stop giving reign to avoidable bastards, allowing the rule of irresponsible mites to regress all this progress,
It’s never the fault of the child, I’d be cold for assuming such,
I’m talking about the random cowards on the prowess some of you women allow to fuck…
Bum Bobs, you hope to change in all failed attempts and when the feed drops they’re always out of range!!!!

Make smarter decisions and less exceptions with your future endeavors,
And maybe just maybe, some of you won’t have to be the mom and the fill-in for part-time Trevor,
Barely surviving on mediocre government assistance….
Be clever!

With all due respect, no cliche you all deserve better,
So for every Bad Bitch… Take a stand for something better,
I know a much better word and W is the first letter!


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