Humble Mouths

Raw Perspectives! Wordplay from active minds and humble mouths.

Heels and Thighs


In those heels; you are:

Taller than me,
Curvature takes steeper definition,
That “not-so-apparent-booty” becomes a full fledged ass.

A beauty!!!

Legs become longer to me,
Stare time increases logarithmic-ly,
Drool now collects in my mouth’s corners while processing those…

Thighs in motion,
yields the effect of legs spread wide open while they are closed!
Must be the friction?

Fractions and percentages, enlist in my prospective opinions.
1/2 of all the moments I see you this way makes my thing-thing stand that way.
     1/16 of my encounters with you are moments that I’ll actually avoid the topic sex; entirely.
            3/4 of our conversations contain sexual overtones that we probably should capitalize on.
There’s a 17% chance that you will publicly assault my invasive attempts, possibly curtailing my efforts.
A 59% probability that I can touch you where it counts and hit the “buttons.”
89% of the time I’ll definitely be the initiator.

Especially if you decide to leave those heels on…!

Male dominatrix conquering your biological matrix in record time and metric basics,
Homeostasis in jeopardy,
Dissecting correlations between hip connections and thigh fiber adhesions.
Climbing epidermal mountains in reverse,
Traversing erotic terrain physically after remapping the points system via my brain.

I’m going Bill Nigh the Science Guy on that ass!!!

Code words, preference names; pillow talks and sheet games.
Courtesy sex, lovefucks and cleavage stains.
No gags; because you never,
no lags just turbulence and cabin pressure,
no hands outside of peer pressure, no mis-understand-ings; just treasures.

Miss, standing on those things, packs the equivalence of female lead blockbusters,
Salt you be Jolie though a lot darker and definitely more top heavy.
Steady, I’m tryna fit it all in one shot, you know raise the water and break the levy!

Two piece legs and thighs, no biscuits, no rolls, no fries; well… maybe some little ones; rolls that is.

Stop rolling your eyes and roll over!

Beautiful figurine, delivers dreams, rub my hands in yours, in between fragrant fragranced creams,
Thickness protrudes the seams, it seems; its there for who is worthy to see,
Whomever is worthy of thee?
Tiptoe for a camel toe!
If they saw then I hope they keep those fucking lips sealed.
In hopes that your essence survives.
Doesn’t every pussy cat deserve nine lives?

Oh lord I can’t get enough…of
….those heels and thighs.

***original unedited photo provided by broken web link via Google images***


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